Kawan Baek

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

~Friends Eternal~

u are tru friends,
that i want u to know,
our loves for each oTheR,
has helped us to groW.
we've been trough some tough times,
but we've made it trough,
the only one i ever trusted was u.

u heleped me trough anger,
u've chaswd away fears.
u held mw trough sadness,
and kisses away tears.

u stayed by my side,
when da world turned away.
u help me see joy
when the skies were all gray.

u were da rainbow
at the end of da stOrm.
u help me b diffrent
when i shoudn't conform.

u held my hand
when u knew we would fall.
every heartache,
u saw me trough it all.

i'm not sure 
i'm always da best friend to u,
i know i'm not perfect,
but this much is tru.

when life gets u down,
n there's nowhere to turn,
i'll help u trough and
i'll share ur concern.

i'll try my best to return every favor,
when ur'r sure that u'll drown,
then i'll b ur lifesaver,
even if we both go down.

whatever we sink or swim
doesn't matter at all,
juz know that i'll b there
whenever u call.

i'll put u out
when life pulls u under.
i'll b the sun
when there's lighting n thunder.

n when it's all over,
n we've fought every war,
there's one thing i promise,
of this i am sure,
when da times comes,
that we're put to our rest.
Be sure that u know that,
My fwenz, u're da best.

and if there is Heaven
then i know u'll b there,
thet if u die 1st 
then u'll hear every prayer
n soon i'll join u,
but juz know until then.
That i'll miss u each day 
till i see u again.

At the end of da tunnel,
u'll b my guiding light.
U'll lead me to Heaven,
away from the night.

we'll b there together,
and we'll never grOw Old
and wE'll walK hanD in hAnd
on da streets paved of gold.....

juz to all my fwenz...
thank's alOt...

#hafal mende ni masa zaman politeknik dulu.
#POLISAS dihatiku(boleh tak)

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